About Us

HDapps is a leading app developer and publisher for Apple iOS.
HDapps has a different operating procedure which set it apart from other out-sourcing companies. We are totally self-sufficient in the entire process of app development including brain-storming, designing, programming and publishing.
HDapps takes great pride in releasing apps which has reached the heats of millions of users worldwide.
Our apps frequently achieve the high rank on the prestigious charts and are recognized by well-known high-tech partners such as Google, Apple and Facebook, etc.
HDapps incessantly welcomes all passionate youth factors who embrace creativity. Joining HDapps family, you will gain enormous true values and considerable experience in the dynamic working environment with the enthusiastic members.

Company Snapshot

April 2011

April 2011

Started to be Adsense/Admob Publisher

  • Feb 2014

    Started app development for Apple App Store as a small team
  • Nov 2014

    HDapps JSC was officially founded
  • Feb 2015

    Workplace visited by AdSense/AdMob Account Manager
  • Dec 2015

    Joined Facebook’s Audience Network
  • Feb 2016

    Workplace visited AdSense/AdMob Monetization Specialist

Jobs List


IOS developer

Find yourself enjoyable playing around with codes and be confident in developing incredibly efficient algorithms? You are able to calmly handle even the most stressful situation. Join our team now!


You’re born to be creative and understand how to make products memorable and appealing to audience. You’re interested in every single breath of change in technology and design trends. Drop us your Portfolio.


You define good testers as those who belong to perfectionism and possess excellent observational skill. You are addicted to latest information regarding mobile software industry and cutting-edge technology applicable to testing. Join our team now!


HDapps Building – No 53, 4th Street, Himlam, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, HCMC.


(+84)8 6251 5114